Tangible damages

Although there are many actions people can take to protect their assets, filing a claim towards those responsible for spreading false information that led to the Brexit vote, is not easy. Causality between the false information and the vote must be proven and only tangible damages qualify for compensation. But what are tangible damages?

A Brexit will have a direct and indirect impact on society. The direct impact creates a tangible personal damage. For example, when you need a Visa or other travel document to travel from the UK to an EU country, there is a direct relationship between member states and non member states. Obviously there are other or even new rules and regulations that the UK can apply for, and therefore the example above must be seen as explanatory only.

The Brexit vote stimulates independence and individualism. Waiting for changes made by a nearly bankrupt government who can only raise inflation and taxes in order to stimulate the economy, makes the public dependent on a third party. Therefore it is wise to take matters in your own hand and create maximum security for yourself and your family.

As you can read in the article on this website ‘short term Brexit strategies‘, there are a few ways to create personal security. Personal challenges are often with health care, pensions and other assets (e.g. real estate or investments). There are ways to protect your assets and restore health insurance coverage and pension rights.