Legal framework

A Brexit claim is not the easiest legal dispute. Although both camps used false statements, one should find evidence and causality for legal violations that resulted in the vote. It will take a long time and probably some appeals, if a Brexit claim ends up in court, before a final verdict is issued and a claim can be filed to those responsible. Therefore it is a good idea to not keep all eggs in one basket so to say. Some short term Brexit strategies can help individuals at least now to protect themselves when things go wrong.

It is a fact that a Brexit creates a lot of uncertainty. New arrangements and even new laws must be created. Uncertainty often has an influence on investments and spending. The central bank will try to stimulate spending by offering banks additional credit and manipulate inflation. Obviously someone has to pay for these measures, future tax payers will be the appointed ones responsible for these payments.

Back to the law; we need causality between cause and effect. Furthermore, there must be responsibility and thus liability. Such responsibility can only be indicated by a judge or other magistrate in court. This means that the case behind the Brexit claim must be strong and based on facts and statements backed by numbers.

It is recommended to join forces and create a class action suit. One should realize that a class action is only successful when the judge can see similarities in the case of the plaintiffs. Apples should be compared with apples, and oranges with oranges. This means that there will probably multiple different groups of plaintiffs under one common case.