From the first moment David Cameron agreed to ask the people in a referendum how they felt about the UK membership of the European Union, it was a battle of arrogance against fairy tales. Obviously, and it is human, people like to focus on the positive effects of such a decision. Therefore statements can be misinterpreted, perverted and even falsified.

The arrogant attitude of those involved in the ‘stay’ campaigns created distance. Simultaneously it gave the campaigners for a Brexit chances to win votes. Both campaigns forgot about reality and did not show any evidence for their claims. A big mistake.

But it doesn’t stop there because after the campaign, the practical implementation became problematic. The ‘leave’ campaigners overplayed their hand. They either never took the campaign serious or could not grasp the full picture. The social, financial, and legal impact of a Brexit was totally forgotten. There was no preparation and it was very naive, from both sides, to expect minimal changes after the referendum.

It seems that the main stumbling stone was created by the freedom of movement as agreed by the EU and the mass immigration that the UK experiences. Although the voice of the population must be heard in a democracy, the current politicians failed to acknowledge the domestic dissatisfaction regarding the immegration issues.

Political correctness and finding a workable solution for an upcoming challenge are not the same. However, recent polticians in the UK failed to take action and seemed to be puppets of a higher authority, the EU.