Brexit claim

It seems that preparation for Brexit was forgotten. The central bank of England had to pump billions in the financial industry the first week after the Brexit vote took place.

With a small majority the British population voted to leave the European Union. It was the result of an unprepared referendum where both sides have not taken the scenario of a Brexit very serious. There was no plan. There was no preparation. It resulted in chaos on the financial markets, falling property prices, insecurity on the job market and biased information and news feeds.

Although Brexit is a democratic decision that should be respected, there was no preparation for both of the campaigns. This was one of the biggest mistakes made. The central bank, the Bank of England, had to pump a couple of hundred Billion Sterling in the financial markets and institutions. Money that was gone in a few days and that has to be paid back by the UK taxpayer. It’s a very expensive mistake that with preparation could have ben minimized or even avoided.

Thousands of families, in all parts of society, will experience a heavy financial impact in the short term. In the long term a Brexit can be very rewarding for the Brits, however the first three to five years will be very difficult. Nobody seems to do anything about this short term tragedy and front man of the anti EU campaign Nigel Farage even stopped his involvement in  the campaigns.

A number of laws in the UK are based on EU directives and legislation. This creates a difficult situation. Specialized lawyers in specific fields cannot take new cases because there sometimes is no legal framework available. It creates more uncertainty that can lead to a decrease in investments and eventually a decrease in the complete economy.

Brexit claim is there for those who experience difficulties in the short term, but also for those who believe that their heritage is at risk. Asset protection, second passports, legal advise and eventually we even might hold the appointed responsible for the challenges the UK population experiences.