About us

Brexitclaim is an initiative from Legal Floris LLC. The aim of Brexitclaim is that those who experience tangible damages directly related to a Brexit should not be punished and deserve compensation. In order to arrange compensation, causality due to misinformation by specific parties and the vote to leave the European Union  must be proven. This is a difficult task but also a task with a focus on multiple sides of the story.

Brexitclaim was founded after FBME Bank lost its license and the European Deposit Guarantee Scheme could only accept payment to EU bank accounts. Since the liquidation of the bank probably will take around five years, bank customers with an account in the UK must open another account in another member state of the EU. An expensive exercise.

Legal Floris LLC is a financial advisory firm with roots in Europe and the USA. Our main focus goes towards bank failures, investment fraud and other relevant corporate services. The customers we serve are often small business owners who need a specialist to create order in the legal chaos. This means that we follow international and domestic rules, regulations and obviously the law in order to set things straight.

Our aim with this specific website is to find ways for those who are unwillingly duped, to receive financial compensation. This can be via government grants, gifts and relevant subsidy but also via claims against those who can be held accountable for the current situation.

Specifically the short term is risky. Uncertainty and indistinctness for the future can lead to confusion and stressed markets. This is no scaremongering, it is just reality. At the end of the day Brexitclaim is about the lack of professional preparation, nothing more and nothing less. We have a neutral vision on Brexit but want to prevent the individual against inimitable actions taken by unprepared yelling politicians who have no idea about the consequences of their campaigns.

The services we offer have a focus on the short term as well as the long term. Relocation services are for those who are afraid of a decline in the value of their assets, who need to protect their currency or who want to secure their heritage.