Reliable information helps to make the best possible decision. In the British withdrawal from the European Union, often shortened to Brexit campaigns, biased information, false claims and misleading statements influenced the end result.

Based on clear information we like to share the official groundwork to assist stakeholders around the world to make the correct decisions. We do not fight the democratic human rights, we do support decision making based on the truth.

Our aim is to encourage a new EU referendum, but we will also investigate other means to create a soft landing for all involved.

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An entity or person is legally liable when they are financially and legally responsible for something.

Under English law, it is an offense to evade a liability dishonestly. Payment of damages usually resolves the liability. There are therefore sufficient angles that allow victims of the Brexit to hold Brexit leaders financially and legally responsible for the tangible damages they experience. These damages must be the result of causality in order to successfully file a claim.

Before you are able to file a claim, either in an individual case or a class action, a judge needs to agree to the responsibility of the defendant.

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Only tangible and direct related financial damages to a Brexit can be included in a claim. Changing market conditions, the collapse of a pension fund or a VAT increase due to the dissapearance of the internal EU market cannot be seen as direct related damages. The internal UK legislation gives enough pointers for further prosecution, this is however not what we can offer.

What’s left is every cause and damage based on causality.

We need to show evidence that the predictable and only result of a Brexit would be the damage you experience. This is difficult but definitely not impossible. We must only follow correct procedures.

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